The Services we offer

Laser wheel alignment

Poor wheel alignment increases tyre rolling resistance which in turn makes your engine work harder. Your fuel economy goes down and your tyres wear more quickly.
MAXIMUM TYRE LIFE - poor alignment will cause uneven tyre wear and drastically reduce tyre life. Wheel alignment is shown to improved average tyre life by over 20%, making wheel alignment self-financing.
IMPROVED FUEL ECONOMY - poor alignment increases the rolling resistance of tyres. About 30% of a vehicle's fuel is used to overcome the tyres rolling resistance, and just a small amount of misalignment can increase fuel consumption dramatically. Savings of up to 5% on fuel can be achieved through accurate alignment.
SAFER VEHICLES - A vehicle that steers straight is a safer vehicle.

laser alignment

Engine, gearbox and clutch repair or replacement

At Roscoe Tyres, we can repair or replace any part of your car. We have a huge range of tools, engine hoists, hydraulic ramps in both centres, hydraulic presses and a huge ammount specialist tools to get the job done properly. We can offer engine repair or replacement on cars vans and motorcycles at very competative prices.
Our association with Widness Terraclean also offers rejuvenation of your engine, to maximise performance and reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

engine and gearbox work

Tyre fitting and wheel balancing

As well as selling new and used tyres for cars and vans, we will fit your own tyres or balance your wheels. Wheel balancing and tyre fitting is included in the price when you purchase your tyres from us.
All leading brands and many economy brands of tyre are available. We have a huge stock of part worn tyres from as little as £15, fitted and balanced.
All tyres are fitted by trained proffesionals, using accurate calibrated machinery, to ensure long life and maximum protection for expensive alloy wheels.

tyre machines

Servicing and MOT preparation

All servicing and maintenance work undertaken.
servicing includes the changing of oil and oil, air and fuel filters and checking spark plugs or diesel glow plugs to see if they are serviceable or need replacing or spark plug gaps changing.
We offer a FREE brake and tyre inspection.

We can prepare your car for MOT, welding any parts that require welding and replacing faulty or broken parts. We will happily arrange to present your car for MOT while you are at work, so that you do not need to take time off work.